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Castlewellan Peace Maze

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Castlewellan Peace Maze, is one of the world's largest permanent hedge mazes representing the path to a peaceful future for Northern Ireland. Planted in 2000 with community involvement, visitors can attempt to solve their way to the peace bell in the centre of the maze.

The hedge comprises of 6,000 yew trees, many were planted by people from all over Northern Ireland and covers 2.7 acres (11,000 square meters) with a hedge length of over 2 miles (3,550 meters) a path length of 3,147 meters.

Planning of the maze started in 1998 and was officially opened in 2001, created by landscape designer Beverly Lear with imput from nearly 4,000 school children in an effort to encourage a sense of common ownership.

Funding for the project, came from European Union Support Programme for

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